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Recent trip to Colombia, South America ....

Cock of the Rock, Jardin, Colombia.

Cock of the Rock

Crimson rumped Toucanet

Dona Dora, Cali, Colombia

White necked Jacobin, Montezuma Lodge, Colombia

Golden collared Manakin, Tinamu Lodge, Colombia

Red Headed Barbet (f) La Florida El bosque de las aves, Cali, Colombia

more images of Birds of Colombia at Galleries 10 and 11........

and....... from Northern Siberia last year.

Horned Puffin, islands off northern Siberian coast.

Tufted Puffin, islands of northern Siberian coast.

Long Tailed Jaeger Wrangel Island Russian Arctic circle,

Long tailed Dowitcher hitching a ride on Russian icebreaker Kapitan Klebnikov.

more images of Birds of northern Siberia at Gallery 9........

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