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Latest Shots

Birds of Paradise taken on a trip to Waigeo Island, West Papua

Wilson's Bird of Paradise in courtship display

Red Bird of Paradise displaying to a nearby female

 ... you can see more images of birds of Indonesia (West Papua and Bali) at Gallery 7.
Some shots from a recent trip to Victoria, Australia.
Pair of Superb Fairy wrens wondering about the flash.
Very angry White browed Scrub wren
Spotted Pardalote going about its nest building business

Bowerbirds at O'Reillys guesthouse, Lamington National Park

Regent Bowerbird feeding

Satin Bowerbird attending bower

Some Birds from recent trip to Western Australia 

Western Golden Whistler

Spendid Fairy wren

Barnaby's Black Cockatoo

 ..... you can see more images of  Australian birds at Galleries 5.
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