About me.

My curiosity in birds started as a young boy keeping and breeding birds, progressing to bird watching and later on and until the present, taking bird photos.  I started out with lower end zoom cameras moving on to digiscoping and then stepping up to DSLR/telephoto lens combinations. I sold my Nikon D500 and Nikkor F4 500 FL ED lens last year due to weight issues and moved to the much lighter Sony A9 FF mirrorless camera combined with a Sony 100-400 G Master lens with disappointing results. I have since cut my losses and moved back to Nikon buying another D500 camera and a Nikkor f5.6 500 PF lens. A nice, fairly light combination. My flirtation with mirrorless is over for now as I found the mirrorless auto focus system less than satisfactory for small birds and objects with less well defined contours. However, the lightweight Nikkor f5.6 500 PF lens is also not without its drawbacks. It is proving more difficult to get sharp shots than with the Nikkor F4 500 FL ED lens, without using support e.g. tripod.


My interest is in capturing the beauty and behaviour of birds accompanied by the challenge of travelling to all parts of the globe to observe and photograph these amazing creatures. I derive great pleasure from this and from the wonders I see and people I meet along the journey.


The photos on this website are solely for the purpose of sharing my interest with like-minded people. Some photos are "record only" and many species are duplicated because I just love looking at birds.


- Grahame Finnigan (aka rarebird)

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