Birds of Antarctica

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Upland Goose
Steamer Duck
Royal Albatross juvenile
Wandering Albatross
Wandering Albatross
yours truly and curious youngster 
Southern Giant Petrel
Wandering Albatross nesting
Gentoo feet exploration
Drenched  King Penguin chick
King Penguin
King Penguin chick
King Penguin colony
King Penguin waving!
King Penguin close up examination
King Penguin incubating egg
King Penguins
Giant Skue take off
Kelp Gull
Antarctic Tern showing displeasure
Gentoo feeding time
King Penguin with back stall view
South Georgia Pipit
Skua bathing
Gentoo Penguin
Cape Petrel
Cape Petrel flying through hailstones
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Gentoo chick full of fish
Adele Penguin chicks
Adele's living dangerously (fur seal)
Adele chick
Adele bathing
Gentoo "cock of the rock"
Gentoo nesting
Gentoo chick
Kelp Gull gathering nest material
Gentoo feeding young
Chinstrap penguins
Chinstrap chick
Chinstrap feeding chick
Wandering Albatross
Storm Petrel alighting at nest
Chinstrap marching
Cape Petrel
Royal Albatross
Giant Petrel landing
Wandering Albatross
Falklands Shag
Rockhopper Penguins
Macaroni Penguin with chick
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Chinstrap and Macaroni Penguins
Chinstrap and Macaroni Penguins
King Penguin with Egg
King Penguins with egg
Snow Petrel
Rockhopper Penguin
Macaroni Penguin
Yellow headed King Penguin mutation with white back
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